Month: July 2014

World Cup Fever

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, I’m sure you’re aware that the Fifa World Cup has been going on! I have such great memories of watching soccer with my family and friends growing up, so I always get really excited when it’s celebrated on a worldwide scale.

For the past few years I’ve cheered for Italy, mainly because the majority of my friends are Italian, but this year I’ve been rooting for Germany! I figured I’m a quarter German, so might as well be cheering for my own team!

In the spirit of the World Cup, I began looking for some cute German accessories to wear while I was out watching games, but couldn’t find ANYTHING! Of course this lead me to make a floral headband in traditional Deutschland colours – red, yellow, and black! My mom actually makes fun of me because I went through a definite Lana Del Ray-esque flower crown phase last year. In my defence, I made them to wear during music festivals, not everyday activities!

Here are some of those infamous “floral headdresses” as my mom would say…

photo-6     photo-7

I received lots of compliments at music festivals, but I don’t think they’re appropriate for a sports bar! I ended up heading to my favourite cheap craft supply place, Dollarama, for some DIY inspiration.

After perusing the aisles I ended up purchasing a plain black headband, a bouquet of artificial yellow flowers, and a set of hair pins that had a red flower attached. Of course you could tailor this to any specific teams colours, a baby blue and white arrangement would look great if you were cheering for Argentina!


Luckily, the red flower was only attached to the hair pin using glue, so I was able to carefully tugged it loose. I wanted the yellow flower to appear a bit fuller, so I removed the petals off several flowers and combined them onto one peg.


After deciding on the flowers positioning I used a hot glue gun to attach them to the headband. Easy peasyyy. Just remember to be careful with the glue gun – I’ve singed a few fingers during craft time and believe me it isn’t fun. If you do burn yourself run it under cold water for at least 5 minutes – the issue with minor burns are that the upper layer of skin may feel OK after a quick cool down, but the lower layers of skin may still be retaining heat, which leads to further damage.


ANYWAYS – this is the finished headband! Much less intricate than the crowns I made before, but I think it’s the perfect mix of girly and festive. If I didn’t look like such a dirt squirrel right now I’d post a picture of me wearing it, but I do so this will have to do!


A quick introduction

Hello Internet! My name is Ryann, pronounced like the boy name – and yes, my parents did take quite the liberty with the spelling! I’m a twenty-two year old university graduate who, like many others (I hope), hasn’t really figured out my life calling yet.

I’ve wanted to start my own blog for a while, but could never quite figure out what to name it, when I would have time to write or even what I would write about – I was basically a basket full of excuses. Fast-forward about three years to me sitting in my parent’s kitchen on a sunny Monday afternoon in what I like to call a kimono, but is truthfully a glorified bath robe, and I think I’ve run out of reasons to delay this endeavour.

This will definitely be a new adventure for me – for years I’ve been a closet blog-reader, turning to my favourite bloggers for general life assistance and inspiration. Whether it’s regarding fashion, cosmetics, cooking or a unique DIY project, I’ve always enjoyed learning about how other people spend their time. My parents taught me from a young age that you can learn a lot more listening than speaking, but now I’d like to be able to share some of my experiences in hopes that someone will find excerpts of my life worth binge-reading – much like how I did when I found a new, interesting blog!

If by some chance you did stumble upon my blog one of the first things you’d probably notice is my misspelling of the word pandemonium – and it was intentional, promise. I’m a stickler for proper grammar and spelling, I figure if people use to say words like ‘henceforth’ and ‘thou’ in general conversation I am perfectly capable of using the correct form of ‘their/there/they’re’ when writing. Anyways, getting back to my butchering of the word pandemonium, ‘panda’ refers to my cheeky nickname. There’s an old internet joke that says everyone should be more like pandas, who are racially blind as they are black, white, and asian – one of my friends noticed that pandas and I share the same ethnic mix and the name stuck! So after countless insomnia-fuelled brainstorming sessions, I finally settled on pandamonium, which I think perfectly encompasses my constant state of chaos. And who doesn’t love a good pun, amiright!

I’m hoping for this blog to become a reflection of all the things that make me happy – food, travel, fashion, music and beauty. Perhaps it will be somewhat like an interactive memoir, and maybe while I’m finding myself I can help others find what they’re passionate about too.

xx R