Tiny Beaches


Cottage season in Canada unofficially kicks off May 24 weekend and for most wraps up around Labour day. Despite the fact that my family has consistently chosen trips to exotic beaches over a cottage in the Muskokas I was privileged enough to always have friends who invited me along to theirs. There is just something about a cotty weekend that’s so quintessentially Canadian – the smell of smokey campfire, the delicious barbecue food, and of course a 24 of cold beer. You can always sense when you’re heading out of the city, the air seems a bit more crisp and you feel a bit more free.

This past summer we experienced below seasonal temperatures and a lot of rain – virtually a nightmare for anyone with a cottage. In Canada a rainy summer means a plethora of mosquitos up north – not exactly ideal outdoor conditions, especially when you factor in the amount of tree cover around the typical cottage. Normally I would have been extremely upset by this, but I was working most days and weekends to save up for Europe, which pretty must obliterated any travel plans.

After spending nearly a month soaking up the Mediterranean sun coming back to a cooler than average September/October was a bit of a shock. Luckily, there was a lovely weekend towards the end of October where my friend Erica invited my other friend Julia and I up to her cottage for a day of autumn relaxation. I was so excited to see both of them – the summer had passed too quickly between work and travelling and I hadn’t gotten to see much of either of them!

We slept over at Erica’s house Friday night, catching up and planning what we’d do up north on Saturday. We decided that a picnic and bike riding sounded perfect.


We left for Tiny, a small town a few minutes outside Wasaga Beach, early Saturday morning. After quickly stopping by the local Fortinos for paninis and snacks we were on our way! The drive up seemed  – time passes much quicker in good company :)


It was a bit cloudy when we arrived but the weather improved throughout the day. We headed down to the beach and biked around for a few hours just taking in the scenery. The leaves had all begun changing colours making for some gorgeous pictures!



What kind of activities do you like to do on your staycations? I’d love to hear about them – especially if they involve travelling around the Toronto/GTA!





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