Halloween: Zombie

In recent years, there has been what I can only call an obsession with the undead. Whether it be a show that features how people are legitimately preparing for an inevitable(?) zombie apocalypse (I’m looking at you ridiculous TLC specials), or a fictional drama where it has already occurred – zombies have become an inescapable part of popular culture.

I have to admit the idea, no matter how farfetched, makes for some pretty captivating television, not to mention that it really lends itself to the Halloween season. There is nothing more horrifying to me that the thought of being chased by a member of the undead.

In the spirit of facing my fears, I’ve chosen to be a zombie to celebrate Halloween the past two years! Last year I was an undead Snow White, and this year a zombie G.I. Jane. Besides having the pleasure of terrifying my mom when I sent her a picture of my initial costume run through the make up is really fun and easy!

Here’s the final look:



Creepy right! I remember this Halloween was absolutely freezing so I walked into a convenience store and when I took off my hood the cashier was so startled he actually jumped! All I said afterwards was ‘Come on, it’s Halloween, you had to be expecting it!’ to which he replied that he wasn’t expecting to be scared by a girl. Ladies, we can’t leave all the spooky, gory costumes to the boys – we should be getting in on the action too!

To complete this look I referenced videos by a few talented YouTubers:

Emma Pickle’s Zombie Makeup Tutorial
Tess Christina’s Easy Zombie Halloween Tutorial
Nadia Digiralmo’s Zombie Makeup and Fake Wounds with Liquid Latex

I felt that a combining different techniques from each video lead to the most realistic zombie! The shading techniques found in Emma’s video (the first link) was very effective in creating the emaciated look I was going for, whereas the colouring in Tess’s video (the second link) added more realism.

If you’re interested in which products I specifically used I’ve listed them below :)



MAC lipstick in Media

MAC eyeshadow in Shadow Lady

MAC eyeshadow in Brun

MAC eyeshadow in Carbon

Kleancolour (KC) Everlasting Lipstick in Burnt Sugar (redish-purple colour) – I think I got this at one of those warehouse makeup sales ages ago, I imagine most dollar store carry something of similar quality

I used KC as a base for all of the shading I was going to be doing, when applied (very) sparingly it easily blended to give a redish-purple colour that comes with heavy bruising. I applied it in a similar way to the Emma Pickles video, making sure to really blend so that my sternum area looked extra boney. I used Media an the eyeshadows to create more depth.


MAC lipstick in Diva

MAC lip pencil in Vino

I was still somewhat glamorous as I imagined Snow White would still have perfect red lips as a corpse. I achieved the deep red colour by lining then lightly filling in my lips with Vino and putting on a thick layer of Diva.


Dermaflage – I originally purchased this to cover up a particularly nasty chicken pock scar, but have found it to be a really great substitute for Liquid Latex. You could of course purchase liquid latex from a costume supply store, but I had this lying around the house, so why not!

You can purchase Dermaflage here .

MAC lip pencil in Vino

MAC eyeshadow in Carbon

Kleancolour Everlasting Lipstick in Burnt Sugar – I liked this way more than the MAC lipsticks because of the finish. It was very wet, simulating a more realistic, grotesque wound


I hope I’ve given you guys the inspiration to be your scariest self!

Happy Halloween!




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