Day 7: Split

Never. Drink. Croatian. Moonshine. If you don’t take any other advice from the TYW Croatia section of my blog, please remember this. I have five years of university parties under my belt and only once have I ever felt as bad as I did that morning, and that happened to be the last night I drank tequila. The only silver lining of the situation was that I wasn’t nauseous, I was just plagued by a skull-splitting headache. Luckily I had also woken up pretty early and was able to down a few bottles of water before really being forced to get up.

By noon all the girls were up and we were cleaning off the deck in preparation for the regatta! We unfortunately still hadn’t learned to put away all of our cups before going to bed so our boat was housing a small army of bees. I actually have a serious bee allergy – the last time I was in Croatia I got stung and my ankle swelled to the size of my thigh and I couldn’t walk for a week – so I spent the greater portion of my morning hiding below deck.

Once the bee infestation was taken care of we changed into our regatta costumes and said goodbye to Hvar! We had been looking forward to the regatta all week – our costumes were pretty great if I do say so myself. In true Canuck fashion we had ordered Canada flag bathing suits and those ridiculous umbrella hats that can be found at Dollaramas around Canada Day. The other boats thought they were hilarious, especially because of our boats “Canadian Girls” nickname that was coined at the beginning of the week.


The day of the regatta was also my birthday, and there was no better way to completely rid myself of that pesky Croatian Moonshine hangover than to do a birthday funnel as we sailed! The film crews boat was beside us most of the time and later said they were having a hard time getting usable pictures of us because the funnel was in every shot. Ooops.




James was quite possibly the best skipper on TYW and so naturally we were one of the leading boats in the regatta. We were about halfway to Split when tragedy struck! Ok maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but we realized we were missing the papers we needed to be able to dock at Kastela so we had to turn around and head back to Hvar, forfeiting the race :(. I ended up napping once I heard the bad news and actually slept until we arrived back in Split. Apparently our boat had gone through almost two cases of beer – no regrets during regatta.


Docking back in Kastela Marina almost seemed surreal – it felt like just yesterday when we had checked-in and packed up the boat to depart on our yacht week adventure. It was really bittersweet. On one hand I was very excited to use the showers at the marina, but on the other I felt as though I would gladly sacrifice the health of my skin, liver, and sanity for another week of fun. I opted out of a fancy birthday dinner in favour of pick-up pizzas and some red wine that could be enjoyed on the boat. We sat and reminisced about the week and all the fun memories we had made before gearing up for our one last hurrah at the Vanilla Club in Split.

We took a bus arranged by TYW into Split and arrived at Vanilla around 11:30pm. The venue was great, it had a massive patio and two large bars. It didn’t actually reach capacity until much later in the night; I imagine a lot of crews were stuck packing up their things in preparation for our early disembarkation the next morning.

If I haven’t mentioned it enough, the music on TYW was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and the DJs really outdid themselves the last night. My favourite of the week by far was Roman Cleiss (Here‘s his Soundcloud), he’s a French DJ who played a lot of Oliver Heldens-esque sets throughout the week. Towards the end of the night TYW set off a huge firework display, whether this was something they did to end every week or just because ours was the last week of the summer, I’m not sure. I of course lost track of time and ended up missing the last bus (it left at 3AM) so I stayed back with one of my friends.


Saying goodbye to all the friends we had made during the week was really sad – but I’m hopeful that we’ll be seeing each other again next year (I’ve already started tentatively planning my next yacht week)! True to their tagline, it really is nothing like the real world. When you’re on TYW it’s like being in your own little universe full of amazing parties, places, and people. You only really understand how amazing it is after living it – I know it sounds somewhat cult-like, but once you experience it, you’ll understand. Looking back, it still seems surreal and somewhat unexplainable. All I can say is that it was the best week of my life and the perfect way to celebrate my 23rd birthday!

Have any of you been on TYW, something similar, or want to go?? If you have any questions about TYW I’d be happy to answer them :) or what are some of your vacation-of-a-lifetime stories?


Day 3: Scedro


By the third day I had become accustom to being woken up by the blinding morning sun in my eyes and the sound of people scampering across the deck to find their own boat – TYW version of a walk of shame. I would argue that walk of shames on TYW are much less cringe-worthy and actually somewhat enjoyable simply because

1) you involuntarily fit in a workout – you’re going to be jumping between boats to find yours and those wire ropes NOT easy to maneuver
2) it’s kind of a game of luck – you better hope your crew realized you’re missing, otherwise you’re going to have to find another ride to the next island.

And don’t worry you won’t be alone in the mad dash to find your crew. If you do get left behind it isn’t the end of the world! It’s a funny story and a great way to make friends. My crew, along with most others, met lots of lovely people as they tried to cross our boat on their long journey back home :)

We briefly docked in Vis to pick up some groceries early on in the day, and thank goodness because we were running really low on water. As we waited for some of the girls to get back to the boat, we were approached and asked whether we would like to be filmed for TYW aftermovie – an obvious yes, who wouldn’t want to have something like that to look back on!


Later in the day we joined up with the rest of yachts and tied together for the infamous Yacht Week circle party. I had such an amazing time hopping between boats and laying on floats in the middle of the ocean. The camera crew, who were joining us the following day, had an awesome Nemo float which I took the liberty of commandeering for the event.



The circle party marked the official christening of our beer funnel – the unofficial mascot of the boat. If you’re looking for a quick way to make friends just bring a funnel, trust me. It’s the one thing that no one remembered to pack! Just know that you’re definitely going to contract skipper cough from all the sharing – more on this later.


I know I’ve mentioned how great the morning sun was in Croatia, but it pales in comparison to the sunsets and the stars at night. I’ve seen some gorgeous night skies in the Muskokas back home, but the stars above the Adriatic Sea just shined a bit brighter. Make sure you remember to take in the view!