The struggle of being someone with perpetual wanderlust is that hanging around home day in and day out becomes pretty depressing. I find it’s easy to lose inspiration and a bit of my vivacity when I feel like I’m just stuck going through the motions. On such occasions, I’ll often start elaborately researching a new adventure – a safari in Africa, a trip through the jungles of Costa Rica, or hiking the ruins of Machu Picchu – anything to get me through a mid-week slump.

As I’m currently saving for another, more extensive, Eurotrip next summer, I’m on a pretty tight budget. Which unfortunately renders any other international trip, and really even most local activities, unattainable.

Recently I’ve been attempting to combat my severe case of travel blues by partaking in staycations. Toronto and it’s surround cities have no shortage of activities so I figure that rediscovering my city may just be what I need to fulfill my thirst for something new and exciting.

Tiny Beaches


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