The Yacht Week Croatia


Hey guys,

Sorry for the huge gap between my posts – I’ve been in Europe for the past three and a half weeks! I actually planned on keeping a detailed journal of everything that happened during my trip so that I could write about it here, but there was always something to do that sounded more exciting that staying home and writing about my day! My resolution for my next trip (yes there is already one in the works) is to actually complete said journal on the daily.

This is most definitely going to turn into a series of posts just because I have too many things to say to get it all out at once. This first post is just going to be a general introduction to my experience booking and boarding our yacht. The next few posts will go into more detail about each destination, what I brought – including what I should of packed and what I wouldn’t next time, and a few tips on surviving YW!

When you watch the trailers for The Yacht Week you really can’t comprehend what they mean by “It’s nothing like the real world” until you’ve actually lived it. The trailer depicts young, attractive, carefree individuals who look like they’re having the time of their life and let me assure you, they are. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced numerous wonderful vacations, but nothing will ever compare to the memories and friends that I made on YW.

Here’s the 2013 trailer in case you haven’t seen it.


The Yacht Week started in Croatia and now has routes in Italy, Greece, Thailand, and British Virgin Islands. We chose Croatia because it’s known to be the most party-centric route. They cater to the 20-35 year old demographic, as 22 & 23 year olds we were definitely one of the youngest crews – and trust me, this wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Let me just warn you, YW isn’t for those who want a relaxing travel experience in five star accommodations. I barely slept the entire week, most nights I crashed in our hammock or on the top deck of the boat, but I wouldn’t change a single second of it. If you’re doing YW it’s to experience the insane parties, meet amazing people from around the world, and see the coastline of a beautiful foreign country – NOT to lie in a bed and enjoy ideal sleeping conditions. Believe me most nights sleeping isn’t even an option until around 6am when the party settles down. This isn’t to say that you’re going to living in absolute squalor for a week, but it’s definitely more like living in residence first year-university that being put up in the Ritz. Be prepared to be woken up by people scrambling across your boat mid-morning trying to find their boat before their crew leaves to the next port or just by your own crew mates who insist that 9am is a perfectly acceptable time to start drinking (this may or may not have been me). Exploring the islands and sailing a little buzzed is half the fun anyway.



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