Day 1: Split and Trogir

The calm after the storm in Kastela Marina

The calm after the storm in Kastela Marina

As I mentioned before, our first day didn’t exactly go as planned because of the freak thunderstorm that closed down the coastline for two hours. When the rain did finally let up we began getting ready for our first night out in Croatia!


Rain couldn’t dampen our spirits – or stop our drinking

Instead of sailing from the marina to Trogir we ended up having to take a cab in order to get to the party on the riva. Our night out in Trogir was my least favourite of the week, but I’ll chalk it up to hauling luggage around and grocery shopping completely exhausting my energy stores.

The strip of bars that were on the riva weren’t the greatest – we were actually subjected to a lot of sketchy characters that, thankfully, were never to be seen again. One of which being a 12 year old that seemed to run one of the bars. In typical drunk girl fashion two of my girlfriends (ehm Emma and Tori) befriended him and were fed free drinks the remainder of the night, which definitely wasn’t a horrible experience. To combat their drunkenness my friend Alex and I decided to go on an adventure to find them both something to soak up the excessive amount of vodka shots they were consuming. This wouldn’t be the last drunk food search of the night, but it was certainly the easiest. As it turns out drunk food really isn’t a thing in Croatia, unlike in Canada, where drunk food is the quintessential way to end a messy night out. It took the girls and I a good half hour to realize we needed to cross a bridge to find a bakery that was open at 3am – but let me tell you, it was completely worth it. There are few things that make me happier at 3am than drunk food, especially if that drunk food is a flakey pastry filled with cheese and minced meat.

Our crew

My wonderful crew on the riva in Trogir


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