Day 2: Vis

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated TYW part of my blog, but I have a (sort of) acceptable excuse. To be honest it’s been really difficult to remember the order that we visited places … I remember most of the actual parties perfectly, I just can’t quite put my finger on when they happened. I blame the alcohol and prolonged sun exposure! Anyways, I think I’ve finally narrowed down the order – this is going to differ from the other weeks in Croatia because they merged the routes and changed things up a bit for the last week.

Day 1 (Sat): Trogir – Riva Party
Day 2 (Sun): Vis – Fort George
Day 3 (Mon): Scedro – Circle Party
Day 4 (Tues): Komiza – Foam Party
Day 5 (Wed): Hvar – Carpe Diem Beach/ ??
Day 6 (Thurs): Hvar – Carpe Diem Day Party/Kiva Bar/Carpe Diem Beach
Day 7 (Fri): Split – Vanilla Club

I’m going to try to get the rest of the my YW posts finished this weekend! Especially because bookings for Summer 2015 yachts just opened up on October 27th :) The 2014 aftermovie just got released too! My crew and I were filmed throughout the week and made the opening and closing scenes. The camera crew also caught a few shots of me swimming at the circle party and steering the boat!

Here’s a link to the 2014 aftermovie if you want to take a look!


My first official morning of TYW started around 830am and by some gift of God I wasn’t horribly hangover – I was handed these delicious (and strong) sugary shots all night and was prepared for the worst. All the other girls were still sleeping so I headed up to the deck to enjoy some morning rays. Mornings were the only real downtime I had throughout the trip so I tried to take advantage of them.

Within the hour the Somersbys were cracked and we had set sail for Vis. Travelling between islands is prime tanning time, but don’t forget to use sunscreen! I was pretty bronzed from being outside all summer and still got a little pink the first day.


We were anchored just offshore from Vis and had to take a water taxi in. You’ll get accustom these, they’re basically little dingy boats driven between/around islands by locals. Prepare to spend about half your weekly budget on them. No joke, it was probably one of my only complaints. If we’re already paying extra for port fees and such we should at least get free water taxi rides!

Getting ready on the boat became a ritualistic experience. We’d all sit out on the deck with our mirrors and makeup bags attempting to mask the fact that we were all still fairly drunk from the day’s shenanigans. This is where my Makeup For Ever green primer came in handy. The green tone actually combats redness in your skin, whether it is due to a little too much sun or alcohol, virtually masking all you daily indiscretions :)


Moving on to my favourite part of every day – meal time! Make sure you ask your skipper which restaurants they recommend for dinner – they have a summers worth of experience eating in Croatia so they’ll know the good spots. Ours suggested hands down the most picturesque restaurant I’ve ever been to called Luma. If you’re ever looking for a romantic dinner setting this is it! We were surrounded by lush green gardens and enjoyed our meal by candlelight. I was unfortunately too enthralled by the view, food, and my wine to remember to take pictures. The menu had a little something for everyone – I ended up ordering the catch of the day which was a white fish and a side of mixed veggies. It was absolutely delicious and light, but I had complete food envy when some of the girls’ steaks arrived (I may have ended up stealing a few bites).


After were done stuffing our faces with the delicious local cuisine we caught a TYW scheduled bus up to Fort George for the white party. I had heard that Fort George was an incredible venue from some of our skipper/crew friends, but I didn’t expect it to be so massive! Picture a club in an old world castle courtyard – that’s Fort George. Needless to say, it was an amazing night, especially because everyone kept the to the dress code! Make sure you pack a white outfit – preferably one that’s easy to wash as it’s inevitable that you’re going to get something spilled on you throughout the course of the evening. I’m not exactly sure how many drinks I had that night, but it was enough that my memories of the evening are slightly blurred/nonexistent. By the time I safely arrived back to my hammock bed I was just praying for the hangover gods to take pity on me.



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